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Dang Thai

It’s me – Dang Thai

Hi! My name is Dang Thai – Founder of Embeya and I’m a passionate meat-lover and certified grill connoisseur.

Nothing beats the smell of a smokey barbecue and the sound it makes when you grill it. Since then I’ve gone on an adventure with my taste buds and started with the old charcoal grill we had back home to try my hand at grilling meats.

I like helping people find their way when it comes to grilling and what kind of grill they should buy. In my experience I’ve used plenty of different grills and not all of them were created equal. I saved some cash to buy a high-quality grill and the difference was night and day.

I could grill meats much faster, the flavor was on-point, and I got more tenderness and juiciness out of my burgers and sausages. A good performing grill doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to heat up evenly and fast which are probably the most important things a grill should properly do.

Because of my passion for cooking, I bought Embeya to reviews and guide how to choose the best kitchen, garden and home appliances. I also often share recipes, how to use any device properly and safely. I hope to help you with a lot of work, saving you more time.

You can contatc Embeya via:

Email: embeya90 (at) gmail.com

Add: 564 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, United States, 60661

Phone: 13126125640

History of Embeya restaurant brand:

A partnership between international hospitality veteran, Attila Gyulai (Elysian Hotel Chicago, Four Seasons worldwide), his Wife Komal Patel (Sotheby’s, Milborne Real Estate) and up-and-coming executive chef Thai Dang (RIA, L2O, Zentan), Embeya is affectionately named after chef Thai’s childhood nickname, Embe, which means “little one” in Vietnamese. Embeya aims to creatively re-tool the ubiquitous Asian concept, developing dishes based on a range of Asian ingredients, flavors and textures integrated with French technique. Embeya offers a progressive Asian menu in an approachable yet chic space, designed by 555 International lead designer Karen Herold (Girl and the goat, GT Fish, Balena). Spearheaded by Director Attila Gyulai, the Embeya wine program is driven by the same approach and ethos behind the cuisine and space-well balanced, layered, and delicate.