Best Infrared GrillIf your family loves grilling and every time you get together, the barbecue will be a priority on the menu, then you should buy the best infrared grill to use for indoor or outdoor cooking. So which infrared grills should you buy to make food on the market in 2020?

Is it a portable and high-performance product? Can you use it to roast food deliciously and conveniently? With the best infrared grill, do you have to worry about uneven cooking temperature or burnt food?

Let’s read the following post to find the answers. We will summarize the five best infrared grills on the market today. And we also offer buying procedure and some questions you may ask.

Best Pick

Char-Broil 17602047 infrared electric patio bistro
Our best pick is the Char-Broil 17602047 Infrared Electric Patio Bistro. This grill has a very stylish design and TRU-infrared technology with 240-square-inch cooking surface and handy warming track.

Budget Pick

Simple Living Products Smokeless BBQ Grill
Our budget pick is the Simple Living Advanced Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill. In addition to low price, it’s easy to use this product thanks to its advanced infrared technology and non-stick cooking surface.

Top 5 Best Best Infrared Grill: Quick Comparison

Get started with our comparison table of infrared grill that you should take a glance. After that, you can find out which products you need to see first before exploring all the best options on our offer list. In the next section, our in-depth reviews will help you better understand products.

ImageNameSurface (in2)Weight (lb)
Char-Broil 17602047 InfraredChar-Broil 17602047 Infrared Grill24054 lbs
Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Gas grillChar-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Gas Grill20020 lbs
Simple Living Products Smokeless BBQ GrillSimple Living Products Smokeless BBQ Grillna10.69 lbs
Char-Broil 463370719 Gas GrillChar-Broil 463370719 Gas Grill45098 lbs
NORTHFIRE Infrared GrillNORTHFIRE Infrared Grillna42 lbs

1. Under $500: Char-Broil 17602047 Infrared

Char-Broil 17602047 infrared electric patio bistroWhen you look for the infrared grill under 500 dollars for ourdoor cooking, the charbroil infrared product never let you down. That’s why we recommend you three models of this famous brand in our top list.

Let’s meet our best pick, the Char-Broil 17602047 infrared electric patio bistro. The highlight is the TRU-InfraRed cooking system that allows you to grill food evenly and less burnt, bringing better food every time you cook.

You will be impressed with the unique retro clamshell design of this. No need for a propane tank or charcoal, it’s convenient to use an electric grill with a simple knob to control the temperature. What’s more?

You have a 240-square-inch cooking surface to handle burgers and sausages, whole chicken or large ribs. Also, a handy warming rack helps manage a variety of foods with different cooking times.

Not to mention, the folding side shelves provide ample space for preparation and storage while the hardened cast iron grilles and detachable grease tray are easy to clean.

Warning: The instructions only have drawn pictures without anything written out. So you find it hard to assemble the grill.

Overall, for one or two people in a smaller space, this is an excellent compromise infrared grill. You can grill everything such as chicken, burgers, brats, shrimp, steak, veggies and more in your apartments, condos, balconies and patios.


  • Nice design
  • Good performance
  • Tasty grilling
  • Little smoke
  • Easy to clean


  • It takes a long time to warm up

2. Under $300: Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Gas Grill

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas GrillComing next is another device from Charbroil truinfrared product line with price under 300 dollars. Is the Charbroil Grill2go X200 portable different from the previous model?

Due to the handy design, this model’s stainless steel grilling is only 200 square inches. However, you still have enough space for sausages, burgers and barbecue with your friends and family.

Moreover, this lightweight product has a high-strength frame with legs and handles. Now you can set up your grill conveniently whenever you are away from home.

Like many Char-Broil products, the TRU-infrared technology creates at least 65% of the infrared heat evenly over the entire cooking surface to make the food quickly without drying and helps retain the natural juice and flavour.

And the best part?

The manufacturer makes the Charbroil grill2go liquid propane gas grill with durable die-cast aluminium construction, push-button electronic ignition, and lid-mounted temperature gauge. All of them support your cooking for a long time in any weather.

Don’t forget to follow their suggestion to season the grates and then oil it after you wash it. In short, this Charbroil grill2go x200 is perfect for camping, picnics or road trips. What an excellent grill for travellers!


  • Well-build and portable
  • Great job grilling
  • Plenty of fire
  • Simple to clean up


  • The temperature control is limited

3. Simple Living Products Smokeless BBQ Grill

Simple Living Products Smokeless BBQ Grill Next, Simple Living will bring you the cheapest one on our best list. What can you expect from the Simple Living Advanced Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill?
The advanced infrared technology along with special reflectors conducting heat into the mesh to achieve a delicious, evenly cooked food while letting the grease tray cool to reduce unpleasant odours and smoke.

With the ability to heat very quickly, this infrared grill can maintain the temperature throughout the cooking process, giving you delicious, juicy and brown grilling.

Another feature worth owning is the non-stick cooking surface. It can help you to collect and absorb excess grease in a removable drip tray. Besides, this grill can keep the taste and take the fat out for healthy and tasty cooking.

It is excellent that you can wash the grease tray directly or in the dishwasher. Not only that, this smokeless indoor grill fits perfectly on your kitchen table or small storage.

Note that you cannot grill anything small or loose because the grill has very wide slots.

All in all, this smokeless grill is excellent for apartment living. Let’s enjoy your BBQ right in the kitchen of your small apartment or RV.


  • Fast, tasty cooking
  • Super tender and moist food
  • Large grilling surface
  • Simple to clean up
  • Almost no smoke


  • There’s no internal fan

4. Char-Broil 463370719 Gas Grill

Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Cart Style Gas GrillOur fourth top-rated grill also comes from the Char-Broil. Take a closer look at the excellent features of the Char-Broil Performance.

The difference of this 3-burner cabinet grill from the two models we mentioned above is the outstanding performance.

It provides a wide cooking space and high-performance infrared technology to ensure your consistent grilling results. You will own 450 square inches on the main grill surface and 150 square inches on the warming rack. Moreover, 10,000 BTU of power with great flexibility helps you cook quickly.

As you know, the infrared technology of Char-Broil helps preserve the natural juices of the meat and prevent any fire outbreak. Therefore, you can grill faster and safer with less infrared gas.

How about the durability?

The stainless steel grill ensures sturdy and durable parts for long-term use. They include two wheels for easy access and rust-proof and easy-to-clean porcelain grating.

Last but not least, you can control and monitor cooking temperatures easily because of the electronic ignition system, stainless steel burner and temperature meter.

The grates have tiny holes for drainage, and they get clogged up rapidly. So the burnt residues on the surface affect the quality of the BBQ.

Apart from this, this infrared gas grill is perfect for a family of four. You can also enjoy the weekend with friends in your garden because of its design for outdoor use and longevity.


  • Nice grill
  • Great sear
  • Good grilling control
  • Easy cleanup and assembly


  • The grill cover is not included

5. Best Small Infrared Grill: NORTHFIRE Infrared Grill

NORTHFIRE Propane Infrared Grill-Double, Inferno2The last suggestion is the NORTHFIRE Propane Infrared Grill-Double – This is infrared grill under 1000 dollars of top best selling on Amazon. How good is it?

From the outside, you can see the unique square shape of this product. Thanks to that, this stainless steel infrared oven can hold four different racks to cook a lot of food at the same time. Also, you can easily disassemble and clean them with a dishwasher.

Here’s an interesting thing for you.

The grill is capable of heating up to 1,500°F very quickly. Furthermore, it is effortless to start up the device when you simply push the igniter, and you are ready to cook.

For your ease of use, the Northfire designs this infrared propane gas grill with propane fuel, handle to transport, and infrared cooking system. It means that you can cook safely and deliciously your food in minutes. No more wood chips or coal dust!

Make sure that you put a AA battery in the ignition system and quickly push down on the knob when turning. After that, this device should fire right up.

If you are looking to make a steak like the steakhouses, then this infrared propane grill is the device for you! Also, your guests can make shrimp, skewers, pork chop, salmon filets in seconds.


  • Well-made construction
  • Attractive grill
  • Simple washing
  • Moist and tender meal


  • The hose is quite short
  • Some screws may fall out

What To Look For When Buying An Infrared Grill?

The infrared grills are increasingly popular with cooking lovers because of its many utilities. There are some main features you should consider when buying the best infrared grills.

how to buying an infrared grill

Types of infrared burner

These grills produce infrared heating in 3 ways:

  • First, manufacturers use ceramic plates. They become very hot quickly to heat the cooking surface to an extremely high temperature, giving you great sear with lots of food. But it’s hard to lower the temperature down for slow cooking.
  • Next is the glass materials. They are also very hot and can offer low temperatures. As a result, they provide a balanced approach to infrared grilling even though they are the least popular burner systems.
  • Finally, many companies use steel pipes to create burners because they can be used at both high and low temperatures. However, they cannot achieve the extreme temperatures like ceramic or glass burners.

Temperature Range

The best infrared grills provide a range of temperatures to heat food at nearly 1,000°F, and you can still cook food at much lower temperatures. You should choose an infrared grill with such capacity, so you can use it to grill steak, cook fish and vegetables deliciously.

Product Function

Some infrared grills are designed for the sole purpose of infrared cooking. Other ones allow both infrared and gas grill because they have some standard gas burners and one or two infrared burners. Or you can insert a special plate to convert from standard primary cooking to infrared cooking on some models.

Way To Use

Most infrared grills are designed for outdoor use with the stands or built into your backyard. Others are portable infrared grills to carry everywhere you want.

You can also buy these grill types for indoor use. They are very compact and lightweight to put on the kitchen table without producing much smoke thanks to the infrared technology.

Easy Cleaning

It is easy to clean the infrared grills because their high heat burns off the cooking residue very well. Some of the best models also have drip pans for any grease that doesn’t evaporate during cooking. The trick here is to choose a removable container to put waste in the trash.

Lastly, you can buy a grill with integrated storage such as side shelves or bottom cabinets to store utensils, dishes or spices.

Is Infrared Grill Better Than Gas Grill?

Yes, it is. More specifically, the design of an infrared grill causes very little heat loss because the flame here is not publicly exposed to the atmosphere as in a traditional gas grill.

Therefore, you quickly gain a high amount of heat and focus your temperature on the food. Additionally, you can also cook more food in a short amount of time.

There is less chance of a fire accident when you use an infrared grill compared to a gas grill because the flame is under heating panels or grids. Also, the principle of infrared operation retains natural juices and food flavour. As a result, you have a better taste with infrared grilled food.

Do Infrared Grills Taste The Same?

No, they don’t. Infrared grills can also make food more delicious as they evaporate very little liquid in the food to retain the flavour like charcoal grills.

Another benefit is that the heat distribution from the infrared grill is even, and there are no hot spots or flares. So, your favourite food will not be burnt or overheated at one point.

How To Clean Infrared Grill?

How to clean infrared grill on Embeya

How to clean infrared grill on Embeya

You need to clean your infrared grill twice a year to extend the life of the product. One tip here for you is to preheat your grill before cleaning. High temperatures help debris to leave the grill quickly. Thanks to that, your cleaning will be a lot easier.

After that, please follow these steps:

You clean the electric or gas heating section first. You can remove all debris by using a brush. Remember to clean the infrared burner openings.

Next, you remove the cooking grate and take the food debris out with a hard brush on both sides. For cast iron or porcelain grilling grates, use a soft brush to avoid corrosion.

You continue to clean the surface of the infrared heat gently. For difficult stains, you can use non-abrasive cleaners.

Which Is The Best Infrared Grill For You?

By this time, our article helps you to explore the five best infrared grills. Which one is your final choice?

Remember to check these features before paying any products. They are the type of burners, temperature range, product function, and easy cleaning. You also rely on your needs and budget to select the most suitable product.

Find this post useful? Please like, share or comment here. Your experience is invaluable and helpful to our readers. Thank you and see you soon in our next reviews.