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How often do you clean a grill?

After every meal, after three or more, or… after the whole season?

If your answer is after every meal, then congratulations, you already have an excellent cooking habit. Though this habit can be a bit time-consuming, it is still much better than no cleaning at all.

Come with us now to find out the most ultimate tips on how to clean your grill!

how to clean a grill

how to clean a grill

Why Should We Clean Your Grill?

There are multiple reasons behind the cleaning work.

After a barbeque, there will be small pieces of food stick to the griddle or burnt grease everywhere on the cooking surface. If these things are not removed properly, you would have to face terrible and unexpected results:

  • Toxic carcinogens produced by burnt food: when your food turns into black debris, you have to rub it out of your dishes and grill. These black dust are one of the main reasons which lead to a higher risk of carcinogens.
  • Harmful bacteria in spoiled food: over time, small pieces of food left in the grill will spoil and release toxic bacteria that can not be seen with bare eyes.
  • Rusting parts: heat and hot grease will slowly erode your grill so that you need to regularly wipe them out and protect your burner with layers of coating to prevent erosion.

Could you see why cleaning is compulsory? Moreover, a clean grill can provide you with more delicious dishes.

So, why not?

Which Grill Cleaning Equipments Do We Need?

The grill has to be cleaned inside-out, which means both the inside and the outside needs taking care of. But do not worry about the utensils’ cost!

Grill cleaning equipment

Grill cleaning equipments

Some essential cleaning tools are enough to keep your grill fresh and clean throughout the four seasons:

  • Cleaning brush: wire brushes offer convenient yet productive cleaning to different types of grill grates and griddles; they are also very low-cost!
  • Grill scraper: there is a rising concern about the safety of wire brushes, so some people are replacing them with a grill scraper (made of aluminum or wood), which works great with the compatible cooking surface.
  • Spray cleaner: this is requisite to clean burnt food stick stiff to the grates and grease’s containers.
  • Cloth: rub the lid and exterior of the grill after everything has done.

Now, let’s get to our detailed cleaning guide!

How To Clean A Grill: Steps by Steps Guides

There are two main types of barbecue grill that we need to make clear when it comes to cleaning: Gas grill using direct heat and Infrared grill.

1/ Clean Gas Grill?

#1: Cleaning inside the grill

Step 1: Close the gas valve connected to your grill.
Some people have a terrible habit of not closing the gas lock after use. This habit can lead to severe injuries during use if there is something wrong with the propane fuel.
When you clean the grill, you should also secure this valve to avoid any potential accidents. Remember, safety always comes first!
Step 2: Take the grates out to the dishwasher.
Of course, you can only do this if your grates, or griddles, are removable from the grill. If they are, then put them into the dishwasher and hola, you’ve done!
If they are not machine-washable or fixed to the grill, you will need a grill brush for this case.
As we said before in the tools section, a cleaning brush will work well with any kind of cooking surface, from grates to flattop. But if you are not fancy of wire brushes, you can invest for a metal or wooden scraper.
Use them to scrub away all the remaining food and burnt pieces that stick to the grill grates.
Step 3: Clean the burner.
You need to remove all the burners’ covers and then gently clean it with a wet sponge or cloth.
Spray cleaner is highly recommended to remove old stains and grease. Remember to use a dry cloth to wipe the burners again after cleaning them with spray utensils.
Step 4: Remove the grease pan.
We already have all burnt pieces of food and oil fall from the cooking surface to the container below. If this container is replaceable, you can take them away with the grates for cleaning.
But if they are not, then you should use a scraper and cloth with cleaning agents to remove all the waste away from the grill.

#2: Cleaning outside the grill

Step 5: Clean the outer cover and the grill lid.
You just need a wet cloth with the sprayer to complete this step.
Check for places that have stains or oil drips to rub with a wet sponge dipped in the cleaning agent. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface once again for rust-resistant results.

#3: Preservation

Step 6: Use a brush to oil the grates before use.
An oil grilling surface will prevent food from sticking so that they will have less chance to be burnt.

2/ Clean Infrared Grill?

Cleaning an infrared grill is much the same as cleaning a gas grill. They are both gas-fuel grill, just one is turned into the infrared flame, and one is direct fire.

These steps are the same: close the valve – clean the grates – remove grease pans – scrub the outside. 

One only difference is the infrared cooking surface. You should gently wipe off any food debris with a sponge and use a cleaning agent for sticky pieces.

Infrared grills also require more frequent cleaning than gas grills. And if you have no idea of how to clean it properly, you can seek help from an authorized maintenance service.

Bottom Line

Depending on how messy your grill is, you can choose to clean the grill after every use, after several times, or after the whole season.

We hope that you will find something helpful from our grill cleaning guide. If you have any other brilliant ideas, please share it with us in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!